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Female General & Eldest Princess – Vol.1

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Female General & Eldest Princess

In order to live on in this turbulent world, take revenge for her family, and seek justice for the lives of all 118 members of her village, Lin Wanyue enlists in the army with her twin brother’s name, Lin Feixing, and vows to kill every single Hun under the sun.

In the imperial palace, the Empress passes into Heaven, leaving behind the sixteen-year-old Eldest Princess and eight-year-old Crown Prince, who must now depend on each other to survive.

The other Seigniors are older than the Crown Prince. They look upon the throne with covetous eyes, and the siblings find themselves in a precarious position.

When Lin Wanyue gets her first period, she fears her secret will be exposed. Meanwhile, after the death of Empress Li Qingcheng, her daughter Li Xian and son Li Zhu navigate the complex political landscape of the imperial court. Li Xian allies with Seignior Qi Li Zhen to secure the throne for the young Li Zhu, in exchange for Seignior Qi’s future demands. However, Seignior Chu Li Xuan, a rival, is spying on their plots.

Their destinies become intertwined when Princess Li Xian arrives at a military camp with the intention of pulling the strings so that her brother can succeed to the throne.


ISBN: 978-84-10020-37-5

Author: 请君莫笑 Qingjunmoxiao

Published originally under the title of《女将军和长公主》

Translator: Melts.

Editor: Rei.

Pages: 380.

Edition with illustrations inside.

Release date: October, 2024.



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