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Rich Girl Caretaker Vol. 1

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High school boy Tomonari Itsuki is kidnapped along with Konohana Hinako, the daughter of the CEO of the biggest conglomerate in Japan. And then, he gets hired as her caretaker!

Hinako is known as a smart and beautiful young lady in public, but in private, she’s a slob that cannot function without the help of someone else. Upon finding out that she must keep up the “perfect lady” act for the convenience of her family, Itsuki decides to devote himself to Hinako and becoming the source of comfort that she needs, much to her delight.

“I can’t… be without Itsuki by my side.” Thus begins this love story that crosses the walls of an employer-employee relationship with a cute rich girl!

Type: Light Novel

Author: Yūsaku Sakaishi

ISBN-13: –

Pages: 294

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