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Soulmate (EN) Vol. 1

18,95 23,95 

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Yu Qi went to sleep embraced by her girlfriend, Ouyang Yuanzi. However, when she opened her eyes she realized that she had been transported 10 years back to the past, back when she was still in high school. While she sees this as an opportunity to save the love of her life, what she doesn’t realize is that her teenage self is in her adult body, 10 years into the future, and has no clue about the life Qi has built or how precious the time she has left with Yuanzi is. No matter the time, no matter the age, their love resonates as they stand by each other’s side. Will they be able to conquer fate?

Type: Manhua

Author: Keran Bing

ISBN-13: –

Pages: 440

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